Prof. Dr. Rainer Reisenzein

Allgemeine Psychologie II

Institute for Psychology
University of Greifswald
Department of General Psychology II
Franz-Mehring-Str. 47
17487 Greifswald, Germany

Raum: 214

Sprechzeiten: Dienstag 12.00-14.00 Uhr

Telefon +49 3834 420-3770
Telefax +49 3834 420-3763


Forschungsgebiete / Research Areas

  • Cognitive approaches to emotion
  • The psychology of surprise
  • History of emotion psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology of emotion


After acquiring a PhD in Psychology at the University of Salzburg, Austria, I spent a year as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of California, Los Angeles with Bernard Weiner. Subsequently, I was a co-worker of Margret Baltes at the Free University Berlin; a Lecturer in Psychology in Wolfgang Schönpflug's research group, also at the Free University Berlin; a Research Stipendiary of the Thyssen Foundation; and a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bielefeld, where I worked in Wulf-Uwe Meyer's research team and acquired my "Habilitation" degree in Psychology in 1994. After several years as a stand-in professor for Social Psychology in Bielefeld, I became Professor for General Psychology in the areas of emotion and motivation at the University of Greifswald in 2002.

Mitglied / Membership

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (German Association for Psychology, DGPs)
  • International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE)
  • Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft (Cognitive Science Association)

Consulting Editor or Associate Editor, Journals

  • British Journal of Social Psychology (Consulting Editor, 1995-2000)
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Consulting Editor, 1997-1998)
  • Emotion (Consulting Editor, 2004 to 2010)
  • Cognition and Emotion (Consulting Editor, 2000 to present)
  • Experimental Psychology (Consulting Editor, 2001 to present)
  • Emotion Review (Associate Editor, 2014 to present)