For 2023, all bachelor or master thesis are assigned already!

Your bachelor or master thesis

Dear students,

even though you are studying at another university it is possible to write your thesis in cooperation with me. Nevertheless, the topic of your thesis should match my research interests and methods.

Due to my work philosophy and my support concept, I am capable to take care of only a small amount of thesis. Please take your time to get through my work philosophy and support concept and ask yourself if its suits you. If that is the case, please send me a short letter of motivation and your current transcript of records.

My work philosophy

For me, university is a place of critical and intellectual examination of a research topic. Mainly, university is aiming to educate scientists being able to work for research questions and to answer them with innovative methods after graduating on their own. Importantly, the own results should be considered critically (“I know that I know nothing”)1 every time.

Consequently, several conditions are required: high self-motivation, self-discipline, willingness to learn, commitment and perseverance. Independence, courage and trying something different or new are aspects I value extremely: to solve complex problems nowadays and in the future creative and independent minds are needed.

Additionally, it applies to me: quality before quantity. For example, just a few of us would take medications with possible side effects being examined inexactly. And focussing on the own strength: The person who wants to excel in all areas is going to be mediocre in the end

My support concept

In general, theses are written in order to publish them as journal articles with you as the first author. Therefore, all theses are written in English. In addition, we work in close coordination: together we set goals, during your research the whole process is going to be documented in a research diary and together we reflect on the defined goals in meetings every week or two. We work with modern tools for project and literature management and network-based note taking to educate structuring complex projects on your own.

For me, the whole process is a “real” cooperation in which you share your knowledge you acquired during your thesis. In return, you get the change of an excellent result (all former thesis I took care of have never been worse than 1,7; one thesis won a research award) and a “real” publication. Furthermore, you are going to know the “nature” of science and how to build up your carrier (f.e. scholarships, studying abroad).


master thesis
  • Metelmann, L.F. (2022). Was brauchen Jugendliche mit Depression wirklich? Eine betroffenenzentrierte Interview-Studie mit Fokus auf Psychotherapie-Chatbots.
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bachelor thesis

bachelor thesis

  • Niebusch, L. (2022). Incremental validity of complex affect dynamics in adolescents with and without depressive symptoms.
  • Seidel, J. (2019). Status: Offline. Smartphonebasierte Untersuchung von sozialen Kontakten und Depressivität bei Jugendliche.

1 Platon, Apology of Socrates