Chair of General Psychology (Focus: Cognitive Psychology)

Principle Investigator: Rico Fischer, PhD

The following pages provide information about the subject of General and Cognitive Psychology, our academic program and range of courses as well as current fields of research and information about our team.

The academic program and range of courses include General Psychology, Research Methods, and Evaluation Methodology.

General Psychology

General Psychology focuses on basic processes of human experience and behavior. Exemplary topics are perception, attention, consciousness, action regulation, thinking and decision-making, problem solving, memory and speech (General Psychology I) as well as motivation, emotion, and learning (General Psychology II).

General Psychology is mainly interested in the functioning of these basic mental features and therefore provides the fundamental science for other psychological sub-disciplines and application areas.

Research Methods and Evaluation Methodology

Research Methodology is the basic prerequisite for understanding psychology as an empirical science by providing methodological foundations of design, implementation and evaluation of empirical studies. Beyond that, multivariate statistical methods and meta-analyses supply techniques to examine more specific questions.

Evaluation methodology is a field for application-oriented usage of a variety of social-scientific methods.

Research Focuses

Cognitive Control, Multitasking, Conflict Processing, Embodied Cognition, Self-Regulation and Emotion, Stress and Control, Subjective and Objective Parameters in Action and Free Volition, Commitment and Action Regulation, Training and Learning Research, Blended Learning-Concepts in Methods Training


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At the TeaP 2019 in London, Devu Mahesan won the 1st prize and Julia Kozlik received the 3rd prize in the poster competition.

The student association of the psychology department awarded 2018 the prizes „Best teaching BSc“ to Prof. Dr. Rico Fischer.

Latest Publication

  • Möschl, M., Fischer, R., Bugg, J. M., Scullin, M. K., Goschke, T., & Walser, M. (accepted). Aftereffects and Deactivation of Completed Prospective Memory Intentions: A Systematic Review. Psychological Bulletin
  • Fischer, R.* & Liepelt, R.* (2019). Embodied cognition in multitasking: Increased hand-specific task shielding when stimuli are presented near the hand. Psychological Research. *Both authors contributed equally, doi: 10.1007/s00426-019-01174-6
  • Berger, A., Fischer, R., & Dreisbach, G. (2019). It’s more than just conflict: The functional role of congruency in the sequential control adaptation. Acta Psychologica, 197, 64-72. doi: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2019.04.016
  • Surrey, C., Kretschmer-Trendowicz, A., Altgassen, M., & Fischer, R. (2019). Contextual recruitment of cognitive control in preadolescent children and young adults. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 183, 189-207. doi: 10.1016/j.jecp.2019.02.002