Psychologisches Kolloquium

Das Kolloquium des Instituts für Psychologie findet monags, um 16 Uhr c.t, statt. Ansprechpartner: Dipl.-Psych. Philipp Franikowski, Tel. 420 3765.

Prof. Dr. Bertram Gawronski: Truth Sensitivity and Partisan Bias in Responses to Misinformation

Misinformation represents one of the greatest challenges for the functioning of societies in the information age. In the current talk, I will draw on Signal Detection Theory to identify two distinct factors in misinformation susceptibility: truth sensitivity, conceptualized as accurate discrimination between true and false information, and partisan bias, conceptualized as lower acceptance threshold for ideology-congruent information compared to ideology-incongruent information. I will present the results of four preregistered experiments that investigated (1) the role of truth sensitivity and partisan bias in veracity judgments and decisions to share information online and (2) effects of cognitive reflection, self-affirmation, and truth prompts on truth sensitivity and partisan bias in responses to misinformation. The findings provide nuanced insights into why people fall for misinformation and suggest potential strategies to combat the spread of misinformation.


Der Vortrag findet digital über Zoom statt.


Meeting-ID: 976 479 7644

Kenncode: 131719